Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Give me back my broken parts.

Hi (:
The picture above is what I wore yesturday to college, I love the skirt so much, it's from Zara, one of my favourites. You can hype this on lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/look/259225 Just wanna be ok today(the title inspired by Ingrid Michaelson's song Be ok, I love it! Another good song is Giving Up.
I have started reading a book (above) City of Bones, recommened by one of my vampire book obsessed friends, I have only read 2 chapters but its already really good, its goes straight to the plot and the characters are cool, its much better than the book I have nearly finished 'House of Night'. Well, it wasn't awful, the plot was okish but the characters, especially the main one, are VERY infuriating. In my opinion anyway lol. Anyway, today has been horrible, cloudy and rainy, I need to buy a new coat from topshop, (well I should say want lol my mother will not be pleased :P)