Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sequins & Lace

Sequins seem to be really popular right now, i love the black leggings, but one in particular I love the sequin skirt, I think I want more of a loose fitted one than a body con style. The gold is my favourite :) I also want a lacy crop as shown above, topshop eats my money!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment(: Wow, so are you half Thai? I've never been before but we have a link at school... earlier in the year a Thai girl stayed with me so I'm going back to stay with her in Bangkok(: x

  2. OK
    i thought i'd reply to your comment here incase you didn't see it if I replied over at my place...

    It doesn't matter a bean if you can't sew, the first couple of weeks is like a crash course in the basics (I'm assuming this is the same in most unis though...)
    As a course it's alright - it's got good connections and a good reputation, but their a bit scatty sometimes. We're all hugely annoyed right now cos we've had a research sketchbook brief for this year and with 2 months left theyve just sent us out a new one and we don't know what's up with that. But again this is pretty standard on fashion courses, apparantly. So yeah! It's good craic though, so that's good, haha. Any help? oyu can email me more questions and stuff if you want!!

    (ventures of jenn!)