Thursday, 26 November 2009

For once it didn't rain :D

Today was a good day :) I had double art first lesson and have decided to do a project about addiction and dependence on drugs, exciting XD haha then I decided not to go to tutor and becky decided not to go to art, so we sat in the psycolobob/media building and talked for about 2 hours.
Anyway, this is what I wore today, my friends asked me if the key on my necklace opened anything 'maybe your mum's lost it, she'll be like I WAS LOOKING FOR THAT!' I just found it in an old flower fairy tin with random buttons in it and decided to put it on a chain, 'can I see if it opens the window?' :P
As you can see in the last picture, this outfit was inspired by Alexa Chung, except for the shoes, which are now on my wishlist lol :P

BELOW: denim shirt-uncle, waist belt-mum's old, mickey tshirt-ebay, high waisted skirt-topshop, thick tights and mens socks-primark, watch-grandma, guitar necklace-topman

-black brogues/oxfords
-black leather jacket
-stripey top
-black biker boots from river island
-ethnic shoulder/hobo bag
-ethnic patterened scarf
-chunky kids watch
-men's retro/band tshirts


  1. Your outfit is adorable.
    Love Alexa.

  2. Very cool :)