Friday, 6 November 2009


OK, so today me and my friend went to Meadowhall after college (finish early on fridays yeahhhhh XD haha) had a wonder around primark ofcourse to be bedazzled by the oversuse of sequins. OMFG sequins everywhere, and then we went to the men's section to look at basketball shorts and lol at the bright man thongs and awesome boxer shorts. I bought some chunky knit gloves for £1.96.
Then we went to hollister, which looks like a house (i though it was a restaurant) it is amazing. we could live there. Though it smells of paint and bodyspray and is very dark. There is a chandelier and everything looks beautiful, but the only thing we didn't see was the price tags(my guess is they don't show them so people don't have heart attacks)
Then we went to topshop/topman and cried at the prices of the pretty lacy florarly things. Though there was a sale with some very interesting things such as a sequined pair of granny pants. fit. I bought a guitar logn necklace thing from topman £3 :D

After shopping we waited 4 hours eating haribo strawbs(our feet killed and we were squashed) to watch Diversity turn on the christmas lights, they were amazing!

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