Wednesday, 18 November 2009

wow :D

The other day I went to a charity shop and was fascinated by how much velvet there was! Though I had my eye on this sequin top, below, I watched this women look at it, as soon as she put it down I grabbed it, haha XP It was £4.99, which is abit expensive for a charity shop but it looks like it's from topshop XD lol I also bought these black sued heels from Primark for £6 (reduced from £13!yay!) They had some weard frilly gold stuff on them but I cut it off :P Now I can't decide whether to wear this outfit, or this dress I've nearly finished making my my friend's 18th...

These are some random photos I took for art :)


  1. oh wow! that last photograph's colors are amazing, so artistic. x

  2. i love that charity shop top. idk if it's just cos i'm not looking properly but whenever i go into charity shops i never find anything like that :(