Monday, 28 December 2009


Hey everyone, hope you all had a good christmas :) Sorry for the lack of posts, I've just been so busy right now. Anyways, I am currently obsessing over Kesha and her song 'Tik Tok', I saw the video the other day and LOVED her style, especially her beat up black cowboy boots. I found this awesome photos of her and realised her style kinda reminds me of the 80s(particularly Madonna), which is weird coz usually i'm not such a fan of that decade, lol.
I love the recklessness of Kesha's style, kind of like a funky trashy/grunge ahaha XP

Work has been chaos the last few days, if you didn't already know, I work for River Island, and seriously, the general public treat it like a dump.
I will hopefully do a post on presents and latest sales purchases soon, once things have calmed down abit here lol.

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  1. I love that song!
    though its too overplayed now. :S
    xx scarzz