Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'd rather be awake when I'm asleep

I am searching for a lace dress.

I adore the tea style dresses, particularly Alexa Chung's, but the entire content of her wardrobe is so damn beautiful. I also love the body con ones, especially the shapes of with the ruffled sleeves :D I have searched and searched and have still not found one within my budget...oh perfect lace dress, where are you? D:


  1. anbsolutely gorgeous photos!
    hope you find your dream lace dress :)

  2. look in vintage stores- they always have the best ones for very little money. sometimes they need a little editing, but it's worth it in the end.
    also, you can get lace slips in m&s (should you be english, if not in a department store) and just layer another slip underneath! :)

  3. I love lace! Its gorgeous!
    Found you on lookbook forums! I like ur blog! :)


  4. LOVE ALEXA Chung and LOVE that lace dress on her, she always seem to look so gorgeous.


  5. Howdy miss!
    I STUMBLED ACROSS YOUR BLOG AND I automatically smiled upon seeing your banner. Then I scrolled down and saw your magical post on lace dresses. I scrolled down more and explored your looks on lookbook on your sidebar there, and all I can say is... good stuff. :) Therefore, I will be following you oh lover of nude and lace~ :) Thanks for brightening up my day!

    teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com