Saturday, 30 January 2010

Life is good, and the girls are gorgeous

Oh wow, it's such a nice day! Apart from being freezing as usual, but hopefully it'll start getting warmer soon, I feel all summery XD hahaha

Did any of you watch Skins on Thursday? I have to say, I was pretty disapointed. It's not the same as it used to be, the characters and storyline seem a little unrealistic and it's just become more like any other tv show. Plus, Effy is REALLY starting to annoy me, I honestly don't think she's that hot.
Even the fashion seemed to be going downhill, the outfits were ok, just abit ...normal. What I see people wearing at college. I miss Cassey's lovely eccentricity!

Anyway, yesturday I decided to do some more shopping (I need to stop this..but I can't 0_0) and I bought a floral bag £6 from Primark, then went a bit crazy as New Look are doing a 20% discount for students at the moment so bought some pale blue jeggings, a navy oversize jumper, and a blue and white floral umbrella=£26.40.  I also got some little pink pearl bracelets £1 from Primark because I'm going to embellish an old black knitted cardi :)

This is a drawing I did AGES ago, it's when me and my friends went to Cleethorpes after our GCSE's. AWESOME day :)


  1. That bag, OOOH MY GOSH, that bag is so cute. I want it I want it I want it! :)
    Follow me, please? <33

  2. suchhh lovely buys, especially the floral bag!

    ♥ Hannah



  3. the batg is soooo cute!! hehe
    and atm i'm loving really light blue jeans! so great buy!!


  4. I love love the umbrellas New look do. I bought like five last time I went. They're nearly all broken now though...
    Lovely bag too.

  5. nice purchases! i really wish we had a primark in NY.

    you have a very cute blog :)

  6. cute bag...nice jeans,love it!


  7. Aaaah omg, you went to cleethorpes! I live near there, Grimsby! that's crazy!
    where abouts do you live? this is awesome haha!
    I love your blog, i recently started following and glad i did! :) x