Thursday, 7 January 2010

These are photos of my 2009 Lookbook/Scrapbook :)
I am currently obsessed with cream lace, pastel and nude shades, inspired by Vogue and Elle, oh and topshop ofcourse. My loves are:
-Pale grey blazer
-Cream lace bodycon dress
-Cream lace Top with jeggings
-Nude coloured plain tops
-High waisted pale bleached denim shorts

Abit late but these were my christmas presents! lol I have watched every episode of skins plus the extra bits which has revived my love for all the characters, especially Cassie! Her sailor dress in the final episode was my fave :) Btw, the blue heart patterened book is my Scrapbook, the pretty cover is some paper I bought in Thailand :D

Finally a dumb photo of me and my casjjj (erm..short for casual :P) A mahoosive sweater from Cow and my hear in messy plaits... I only have one lesson at 3:05 today so having abit of a duvet day! hehe


  1. OMg those drawings are awesome :| do ou use a template? you're really pretty >.< x

  2. `Gorgeous:)!! I love looking at other peoples scrapbooks!!

  3. Organised Chaos: aww thanyou!! i just put my phones colour to sepia lol

    The Style Strutter: thanks :D me too! hehe :P

  4. love the scrapbook pics! and the messy hair is cutee

  5. I am in love with lace right now too! I love your designs!

  6. Hi, oh my gosh, love skins :) do you live in the UK? I ask only because series 4 starts soon and so you must be pretty apprehensive to see it :)
    In response to your question, I use minimal by Douglas Brown as your template like you do, and my background is this: so that is why it is white in the middle, if that doesn't help, I'm really sorry :S xx

  7. I love scrap books :) Yours is incredibly lovely.
    As are your blog graphics! How pretty my screen is right now.

    Florrie x