Tuesday, 23 February 2010

slow it down, make it stop. or else my heart is going to pop.

Salut dudes ;D hehe
It's snowing AGAIN, okay it's really taking the monkey now :L 

Well, at leaste today I found loads of amazing artists for my fashion  project :D and was very inspired by Lula magazine! 

Anyway, I'm craving a shopping splurge, especially after a browse in new look today. 
Here's my topshop wishlist

Oh, and aren't these necklaces lovely?

And this ring is awesome (:

(slightly more)Realistic wishlist:
knee high black suede boots (flat)
some form of sandals 
pretty coloured sunglasses
high waisted vintage denim shorts
the perfect pair of brogues/brogue boots
vintage floral swimsuit
cream lace top
fingerless glove/mittens
biker style black leather jacket
black bodycon skirt
brown leather satchel
floral handbag

1 comment:

  1. aaaaah topshop = AMAZING :)
    I love that cropped ruffled jacket