Thursday, 11 March 2010

I need you to need me

Hola :) Finally got round to taking photos of new stuff :D

Blue and white top, about £3 from a charity shop

Lace top on sale £10 from new look

Really cute top H&M sale £7

Knee length navy socks H&M £2.99

My mum also bought 4 nail polishes(excuse my terrible grammar lol) in the market for £1, including this lovely Barry M colour!

Art is stressing me so much right now, my teacher expects us to have done 20 hundred study sheets and she keeps changing her mind 'its quality not quantity' 'no, no its quantity!!!!' D: 
I really want to see Alice and Wonderland! Has anyone seen it yet? Is it any good?
Oh, but I did watch '10 things i hate about you' the other day and LOVED it!!!! It made me laugh and cry and I have the songs stuck in my head, especially 'I want you to want me'-Cheap Trick. I can't stop listening to it!


  1. I love all your new things!

  2. cute white top! it's adorable!

  3. i love love LOVE that lace top!
    so cute (:

  4. such cute things! i need some more girly clothes like this in my wardrobe :)
    i haven't seen Alice in Wonderland yet..but it looks amazing! can't wait to see it!
    aww i love 10 Things I Hate About You..ohh Heath Ledger ♥

  5. I love the clothes!


    heath ledger is yummy

    xx scarzz

  6. Can I just say I absolutely ADORE your blog (and I'm not just saying it cause you said it to me first!) Ireally love your style and the pictures you draw are AMAZING! So inspiring for fashion. I wish I could draw like that, I used to love drawin anime/manga styles when I was younger and I can't anymore :( And you have made me wish I had shorter hair too, which I never usually do haha cause I have such long hair. But the pictures you draw with short hair look proper good!
    :) xxxxx

  7. I love the new purchases, especially that white lace top! I want one! haha :)



  8. Everything you got is so cute, I especially love the lace top!