Thursday, 22 April 2010

EBAY!!!! :D

My ebay items are finally up!
Basically I need to clear out my wardrobe, i will be selling various items (hopefully each week) Currently stuff from topshop, miss selfridge, levis jeans, some vintage items and more to come!

In other news, this is what I wore yesturday :)

 These shoes are really tight!! But I love them, and I'm not sure why, in this picture they resemble my grandmas feet :L haha! Well, for 50p you can't really go wrong!
(Cardi-jumble sale 20p, bag-Primark £6, Tights-Primark £2, rose-new look £3, shoes-carboot 50p)
I've got to go to an art viewing evening tonight where all the A2's work will be on display, hopefully someone will want to buy mine!! :D haha

Current music obsession-Soko, youtube 'I'll kill her' 


  1. Those shoes are really nice, and I love the print of your jumper too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. The cardi is amazing & for 20p a real find.
    I have eBay days, where I finally get round to sorting out the whole pile of stuff to list! But it's worthwhile in the end.

    I've recently just subscribed to your blog & find it rather to my niche!

  3. Lovely blog!
    I invite you to know my blog. Follow me and I follow your blog: :)

  4. I love the print mixing with your cardi and bag. Good luck with the ebay selling. Xo

  5. I love that cardie!

    + ohmygoshh, i've loved soko for sometime, her lyrics <3

    P.S. new follower! :)


  6. cuute outfit, I love the shoes!!

  7. gorgeous outfit!

    the shoes are so cute.
    xx scarzz