Friday, 7 May 2010

I'll never be good enough

My dress arrived a couple days ago and I have to say, I am in love!! 

I got this bag from this kind of 'flea market' for 50p. I was gonna sell it on ebay, but then later thought, hmmmm its actually pretty nifty :P haha!

On wednesday I watched 'Frock Me' with Alexa Chung and Henry Holland (yes please!!!!) and there was an interview with Taylor Momsen, gossip girl star and singer of The Pretty Reckless. I used to LOVE her style, and I base my hair on her old style, but lately I'm not so sure about her. She seems abit up herself and not even care about the bad example she is setting to her young fans. Though I don't believe in judging people unless you actually know them personallty, and there's good and bad in everyone! It kinda makes me sad how I can't look to her as a style icon anymore though. Though her music is, in my opinion, awesome. :P

This weekend is sadly filled with french and spanish revisin (oral exams next week!! tengo miedo! J'ai terreur!!) And art exam prep work...

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  1. Wow, that bag is SO nice, and your dress looks lovely too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. That dress is so lovely! Really really nice. :)
    And I agree about Taylor Momsen, I used to love her, then I watched some of her interviews and my opinion completely changed! I also hate how they made Jenny in Gossip Girl change to be like Taylor outside of GG.

  3. oh wow the white dress is wonderful!

    I love your picture!

  4. that dress & that bag = perfection, i am hugely jealous! I also agree about taylor momsen, i'm really not a fan of how she is now! but her band is awesome :) xxx

  5. that dress is so lovely!
    good luck with all your exams (:

  6. Your dress is gorgeous!
    I love Taylor Momsen <3
    x x x x

  7. You look gorgeous in that dress!


  8. A pretty dress and drawings:)
    Visit my blog
    xoxo ZKIKI

  9. beautiful dress, looks gorgeous on you!
    i am so jealous about the bag, i never seem to be able to get really good finds like this.

    im following your blogspot,
    please maybe follow mine? its a bit rubbishy atm as i'll update more when i get followers :)
    loves, lulu xx

  10. hey sweetie,
    you look supercute!I LOVE your hair!

  11. I love how simple your dress is :) I liked Taylor Momsen like two years ago too, but I can kind of see how she seems to be grown up so fast, I mean she's a teenager on a show with a cast of mostly people their 20s and up, and the way her character dresses probably grew on her personal style. Her music IS awesome, though!

  12. that white dress is gorgeous and i love your hair! i hate taylor momsen, i really do. she seems really pretentious and i wish she'd wake up and realise that actually she's not that popular.
    x x x

  13. Cute dress! Love the style, and also totally agree with you on the whole Taylor Momsen thing, saw her on frock me and read her interview in company and she just doesn't seem that nice. Although her clothes are awesome and agree with you on the music too :)



  14. Love the dress!!!!


  15. My weekends have been filled with nothing but art work lately as well. I love that little bag...and for 50p!? That's one hell of a bargain, miss! x

  16. Oh I love your hair!! Cute dress too :) and i love too taylor's rock style :))

  17. The dress is stunning! And the bag- I'm so glad you didn't end up selling it because it looks great!
    I actually also modeled my hair after hers about a year ago. It was fairly long, and then I just chopped it off into a shag like hers. It looks fantastic on you. :)
    And I have to agree, love the Pretty Reckless and the music!