Saturday, 28 August 2010

The big screens, the plastic-made dreams, say you don't want it, say you don't want it

Hey guys :)
I got back from Wales the other day and it was lovely, although the weather was rather shit. Oh well :P
I have bought quite alot of clothes and accessories lately which i will post later, I'm very happy with them, particulary with my new mahoosive pringles grandad knit jumper and adorable pink brogues!

I start Uni very very soon, it's coming too fast! I kind of scared and excited at the same time :P

Lately I've been inspired by preppy, gothic school girl styles for some reason. These are some polyvores I created :)


minnie by katthai featuring ankle shoes


dots by katthai featuring flats shoes

Listening to: One Night Only-Say You Don't Want It
Katy Perry-Teenage Dream
The Beatles-Can't Buy Me Love
Olly Murs-Please Don't Let Me Go


  1. minnie is my favourite! love the preppy red cardigan, it is officially on my wish list right now thanks to you!

  2. Wow love all these sets! where are you going to uni just out of interest? im off soon to! don't know whether to be excited or nervous :/

  3. Í knooow they are so cute
    and 2 & 3 are faboulus!

  4. i absolutely love that Burberry aviator jacket i cant find one anywhere i can afford :\ love the blog! :)
    check mine out