Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Room photies!

(I hope you like my new background!, I'm still abit unsure :P i'm so indecisive!!)
Sorry, this is going to be a pretty image pack post! 
I took some pictures of my room this morning, because I find room posts quite interesting :) Hope you'll like it!

This is my desk, Harry Potter books (my brother lost the third one!) lots of pencil pots as I like to draw alot! my money jar, some CDs and jewellery stands.

Left: a very useful hanging compartement I got in Thailand full of sunglasses, hairclips, brushes, bodysprays and jewellery. Right: postcards, London tube map and some random pictures because I love travelling :)

Left: My mini chest of drawers full of letters and important things, on top are some manga books, jewellery boxes, my ipod nano and a jewellery stand with my favourite jewellery on it. Right: the reflection of my wardrobe mirrow(if you notice, i've stuck random little pictures on the mirror)

My chest of drawers with perfume bottles, cosmetics and photos. The black and white photo is of my Grandma and her friends.

The shelf above my bed full of DVDs and cuddly toys :D I stuck some old photos of holidays to Thailand as they are very important to me :)

Another shelf with CD's, my Sims's games some books and other random stuff :P

Beside my desk a little chest of drawers(i have ALOT of clothes) topshop bags which I like :P with tights and carrier bags in them, my bin and my bag with straighteners and hairdryer in.

Left: the door of my wardrobe, I stuck loads of inspiring images to look at when I decide what to wear:P haha. Right: shoes and storage boxes!! Those brownish colour ones are my FAVE but paralyze my feet!

My Door! Tons of bags, my fave denim jacket 50p from the charity shop :D On the bottom of my door I stuck some of my fave recent photos and drawings. My floral umbrella and my cow carrier bag (cow is a vintage shop in Sheffield which is AWESOME)

Under my desk, bags with cosmetics and random scraps in them :P My most recent magazines and my polaroid camera that doesn't work! :'(

My chair with a cushion I made in year 9. More little magazines on the floor and a bag of belts. On the chest of drawers are two vintage boxes with all my nail polishes and hair bobbles :)

Left: my bed(floral bedsheet from ikea!!YESMAN.) Right: my japanese lamp(that my brother tore a little hole in, stupid) and my window

My two windchimes, a shell one and a chimey one :S haha it makes a lovely sound :) And my washing line of beautiful photies :)

My TV XD, and my Olly Murs hat (as becky calls it :P) Jezza Kyle on the tele, hehe

I realised I forgot to take a photo of my mahoosive bookshelf, oops. Oh well (: I've probably bored you enough with these 8210319232 photos! haha

Last thursday I went clubbing and wore my 30p dress from the carboot, and alot of people liked it, which made me a very happy chappy :P

I can't believe results day is after tomorrow, I'm so scared, I NEED 3 B's for Leeds. Well, I'm going clubbing regardless, it's going to be ridiculously packed! I'm both terrified and excited at the same time for the 19th, haha :P

Finally, this is a drawing I did of me and some Thai friends, I'm secound to left :P

Listening to: Take It Off-Kesha
My Medicine and Goin' Down-The Pretty Reckless


  1. your room looks lovely, i really like all your bags too! did you go to thailand this summer? i literally just got back from there the other day - SO hot!

  2. ohh i love the way you set out your jewellery & the pictures & everything!
    yess i'm scared for results day too, good luck to you! (:

  3. I love your room! I like how you have photos everywhere, I've been meaning to put lots on my walls but I never get round to it!
    Good luck for results day! What were you thinkinf of doing at Uni? :) xx

  4. Love the post. I find room posts quite interesting too. My you have quite a few bags.

  5. i really enjoyed this post! i love seeing the way people organise things in their room.
    my room really needs a cleanup right now!

  6. awww i love your room and how personalized it is! how do you stay so organized? i'm a complete mess haha :)

  7. Ohhhh, this was so nice - I'm such a nosy bugger so I absolutely love looking at other peoples rooms - in fact I think I'll do my own on my blog XD

    Your room is really cool as well... LOL at Jezza K on the TV.

    I also love your new background - I'm never brave enough to have one on mine - just boring old white for me XD

    Love the blog as usual of course. X <3

  8. I love your room! its so pretty :)
    And I can see why you got so many compliments on your dress, its absolutley gorgeous!
    I noticed on one of your shelves though a little box with shells on? is it heart shaped by any chance? because if so Im sat here looking at exactly the same one in my own room haha, my mum brought it me back from Turkey earlier this year :)

  9. i get a lot of inspiration from this post. thank you! and you look really adorable! (:


  10. Well I've done one on my blog now (and faithfully linked my post to yours so people can admire my lack of originality)... so check it out if you're interested.

    <3 xxx :o)

  11. i love love love your room. i always mean to organize it but i end up letting it get superbly messy...