Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I wanna be forgotten, and I don't wanna be reminded

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas :3 Mine was okay, I just stayed in with my family, eating lots and watching films, including Nowhere Boy, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Juno, The Notebook, Kick-Ass and Amelie. I'm sure lots of you have seen Breakfast At Tiffany's, I'd been wanting to watch it for ages and have fallen in love with Audrey Hepburn! She's so adorable and chique. 
For Christmas I recieved some books, a sewing machine, dvds, a velvet skirt, brown brogues, a blank journal/scrapbook, jewellery and chocolate. On boxing day and yesturday I went sales shopping, although I was a little disappointed I did manage to find a few things such as a Beatles t-shirt-finally! It was £10 reduced from £20 in Topman. I'm going to cut it up abit later. I also bought a floral cardigan £9 from New Look, high waisted black courdory trousers, fairy lights for my room and more jewellery which I am in love with, (pictured above)

Tonight i'm staying up very late to watch 'The Cat Returns' at 3am. It's a japanese anime, I hope it's good! I've suffered severe insomnia lately, I think it's because I keep stressing and over thinking situations. On Christmas Eve I stayed up till 4am watching Amelie. It made me miss French even more. 


  1. those brogues are so cute!
    sorry to hear about your insomnia situation :(

  2. arghhh where is that jewellery from? its gooorgeous

  3. Amazing jewllery! and breakfast at Tiffany's is so nice <3

  4. amy, the jewellery is from miss selfridge, claire's and topman :)