Sunday, 24 January 2010

But we grew up

My friend put this picture I drew for her 16th birthday on her Facebook today, it's me and my friends as disney princesses :P:

I'd almost forgotten about it! I used to draw these all the time :) I may post some more tomorrow :D

It made me think of days back at school, and not having to stress so much about the future :P Back when I lived in skinny jeans, primark ugg boots and oversize hoodies. Tried to understand english plays and novels, listened to Cascada, drank WKD and read teen magazines like Sugar and Bliss.

I miss this


  1. aww! the friends you make at school are the best. you'll always have that lifelong bond with them. and i love the picture you drew!! i wish i were talented like that. doodling cartoons is so much fun, but i'd never post my stuff haha. can't wiat to see more!

  2. very cute post :) you have such sweet friends :) !

    lovely blog :) !