Monday, 25 January 2010

Tea cups in the sink

My new polyvore, with a little inspiration from lookbook. I love how scruffy worker boots are becoming popular, how people are wearing them with floral patterns and softer pastel shades to give a quirkey-grundge edge to their outfit :D

I can't wait til summer! Shorts and flip flops, the clinking sound of ice in a cool glass, 99 ice creams, picnics sat on a field, sunglasses, not getting dark til 10pm, barbecues, barefeet, sunny lazy afternoons....definetly my favourite season :)

-blue, slightly too-big denim jacket
-caged sandals
-lots of funky sunglasses XD
-floral shorts and tea dresses
-vintage body bag
-some gold jewellery


  1. perfect.

  2. great items! i really love the floral top, denim jacket, and mostly the combat boots. been looking for a perfect pair for quite a long time now :)