Thursday, 14 January 2010

General Shinanigans

(Below)This was me on Tuesday. We only went in to do our general studies exam which, in mine and many other's opinion a complete waste of 2 hours. The questions were awful, however the first was about blogging! haha :P I think the examener's will be quite amused by some of our answers though, 'the police aren't like superman, they can't just fly to help'. XD One of my friend's just burst out laughing at the running invidulators :L Anyway, I finished half an hour early and decided to sleep.

This is what I wore today, preparing for the cold and icyness! Although it wasn't too bad, I made it to college without falling over! Wooooo! XD And now I have done my french speaking exam I have taking much pleasure in stripping all the french post its from my room :D lol Oh yes it's Friday tomorrow :)


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  2. aww! your drawing is so cute! and i love what you're wearing, too. it's cute yet warm.