Monday, 11 January 2010

Baby, we need to talk.

Hey guys :D today got off to a bad start, I slipped on the hill up to college and had several mini heart attacks everytime my foot skidded, the fact college is completely uphill from my house did not make my journey fun.
Anyway, I was a very happy camper later on because I did well in my practise french mock, yay, and then found out college was closing at 3:10, which is when my last lesson today I only had french! YES.
So, this is another beautiful polyvore set I made of my predictions for spring 2010 :)
2009 ss
2009 ss by katthai featuring TopShop

-Lots of gorgeous nude shades (plus black)
-Chain quilted handbags
-embellished knitwear (sequins, beads..etc)
-peeptoe heels
-gold and delicate jewellery
-Beautiful 50's inspired dresses
-Pattern clashing
-Cream Lace


  1. WOW this blog is amazing! Your designs are incredible and you're so pretty...
    and you like Alexa Chung who i SAW IN THE FLESH! (best moment of my life...)

    Think i'm going to have to follow you my dear...

    Keep up the good work (:

    Check out my blog if you get a chance...i'm really new at this so tips and help are welcome...



  2. this set is delightful! i love the dresses and the nude peeptoes will never go out of style :)

  3. love the set, especially the watch, it looks great!

    ps; I found your blog off of lookbook and decided to follow you (:

  4. great blog!
    cute polyvore! i loooooove florals! i know i'm going to see a lot of it in the upcoming seasons.\
    yay yay!

  5. thank you so much :-------DDDDddddd

  6. i'm glad your day got better! your spring predictions seem to be pretty dead on. a lot of other people on blogspot/polyvore have been talking about nude shades and floral pieces. i've got to say, i'm very excited for spring!!