Sunday, 10 January 2010

I've got a thousand opinions, but not the time, the time to explain

Some new purchases from Sheffield :D It was FREEZING but fortunately not too slippy! I had abit of an adventure wondering around and found 2 new vintage shops :D one of them looked abit like a warehouse, there was stuff everywhere and the building was abit wrecked. Anyway, I ventured into the Topshop sale once again, but actually found something this time! The purple tunic below which was £8 :D I also went into Primark and bought this sparkly gold chain necklace £2 and some jeggings from the kids section at H&M £7.99.
I also found some of my mum's old crushed velvet leggings in the loft! They feel so soft and fit really well, I'm right proud of myself XD hahaha

And now for some Alexa Chung inspiration :) Damn, I love everything

I am currently on the search for a bag similar to this:


  1. I love that dress..and the gold chain necklace!

  2. mmm those crushed velvet leggings sound heavenly

  3. I love your fashion picks. When will you post a pic of you wearing that dress? It looks so amazing!