Saturday, 27 February 2010

I wanna kiss you in the rain

Today I went to a vintage fair in doncaster with Becky and Nicole and this is what I wore:

check shirt: market in thailand, jacket new look, leggings h&m, shoes new look

It was ok but kinda dark inside, my photos didn't turn out so great for my art project, though i did get a cute cameo necklace for £7.

I still don't really know how to approach this art project, i'm thinking maybe a more personal approach. Tomorrow i've got so much to do: 3 A3 study sheets on contextual artists plus homework, i don't even know what to draw...might just end up drawing some jewellery or a random shoe.

And I should really be studying french and spanish via kerboodle. (this is a truly awful website my teachers are making us use to revise) Some i don't think this is going to happen.


  1. are the following pics taken in your room?
    you look so lovely, i like the checked tunic very much. i understand you very well. instead of focusing on my diploma defense, i'm spending time blogging, reading some articles not necessarily concerning modernist movement... well, everything seems to be by far more exciting than education... but i'll keep my fingers crossed! you will find some inspiration, that's for sure.

  2. Hi I'm new here loving the rumpled look! Also holding a Topshop giveaway over @ My Passport to Style, hope you join me! Sharon (UK)XX

  3. yeah, its my room-such a mess isnt it? :P lol
    aww thankyou! me too :D

  4. Lovely outfit and photos! You have one lovely blog too :)

  5. Awh I really like the idea of combining the shirt with pearls!

  6. I love all the pearls, cute blog

  7. JEALOUSS of such a jewellery collection

    love the little eiffel tower!


  8. i love your outfit, you look so grunge chic :) and i would not have been able to resist anything at that vintage fair, haha. everything looks so amazing!
    go study! :P

  9. Yeah when I bought the dress I didn't try it on as primark is always so busy. It does fit a little weird but with a belt round the waist it was fine! I like you leggings :)

  10. Gah that outfit is amaaazing! I'm totally in love with your hair as well :) Everything looks so so so amazing in there, lusting for everything already <3