Thursday, 4 March 2010

everybody's changing and i don't know why

Hey guys (: sorry for the lack of posts lately, i've had so much coursework, particularly in art which has tried to eat me...seriously 6 A3 study sheets in 1 week, well i've now completed 3 :L oh, one dedicated to alexa chung i'll take a photo of it tomorrow :D quite proud but her face went abit weird.
Anyway, this was what I wore today, kind of a Grease theme with the double leather look :P hehe I LOVE these leggings and they were only a fiver from H&M! they kind of make me think of 80s dancers or ballet dancer's for some reason... hmmm lol 

More scrapbook pics! :D Inspiration from people at college, I have noticed the following trends coming in:
-CONVERSES (saw these alot in thailand last year and its finally tooken over nike dunks in england)
-tennis/preppy/sporty style, ready for summer!
-roses as hair accessories, i have a pale pink one from new look (: around £3
-long shirts/tunics with jeggings/leggings
-long socks (hence preppy schoolgirl look) i love this one.
-mulberry alexa (or similar style) bags

oh, and just randomly i'm kindof into the ripped jeans look atm. :L lol

Skins tonight! YEYAHHH :D never fails to put me in a good mood :) Hope everyone had a lovely day, and my my british followers hope it was beautiful and sunny where you are! :P


  1. Love that outfit:)!! Good luck with all your artwork!

  2. love the outfit! i adore Grease :)
    lovely artwork!

  3. argh! skins! loooove it so so much!
    do you live in england? :O

    anyway, gosh I totally adore your fashion sense like heaps xD

    Do you spend heaps of money on your clothes? Coz as a 17 year old unless you're just loaded it must be hard to afford all these amazing clothes!

    xx scarzz

  4. Thank you for following and commenting my blog :)
    i love your blog and your sketches they are so good! :)
    p.s. sorry for this late reply x

  5. great blog really enjoying it.