Sunday, 7 March 2010

Still dreaming of summer....

And this is what I hope to be wearing :)

Jade nail polish, I think so! :D

I have been very busy this weekend, starting with some 18th party mayhem:

And some lovely purchases which I will hopefully have time to post next week
Oh and guys, need your opinion-which of these do you reckon I should post on lookbook? 1 or 2?

College tomorrow and so much art as well as spanish and french revision to do! D: I need to sort myself out...

Anyway, hope everyone had a fun weekend :)


  1. def. 1 x)

    I love your jewellery!

    such pretty photos too
    xx scarzz

  2. Cute! I love the accessories

  3. those boots are gorgeous <3 and i think the 3rd one is the best actually! x

  4. i'm not a nail polish person but i'm craving that jade shade as well! :) and i'm loving all the florals on your wishlist.
    love the outfit pictures as well. that shirt is fantastic.

  5. Defiantly read fruits basket. It's amazing!
    And you're welcome, all of your posts are great!
    I love these shoes too!