Wednesday, 3 February 2010

she wears high heels, i wear sneakers

Yay, an outfit post XD
My bright pink dressing gown in the background covered in monkeys XD oh yes.
                                       I dislike what my face is doing in this photo. :L

horse sweater: h&m
necklaces: Thailand? pearls were mum's :P
(satin/wetlook?)leggings:h&m (after wearing them today i remembered how much i loved them (: )
trainers: primark
bag: spain

wow, 2 days until PARIS! Saturday 6th, some people are saying its 3 days..BUT THEY ARE WRONG :D. I'm hoping to see alot of vintageness and spend as little as possible on food etc i'm not buying alcohol. i don't really see the point if i'm not gonna get drunk. ok, maybe i have a problem. though it would be fun to sneak out at night for some drunken mayhem!! my french teacher may eat me for it though 0_0

I think the snow needs to stop now.


  1. Very cute! The lighting in your room really sets a light and airy mood. :)

  2. i loveeee the top <3

    and the song in your title !
    xx scarzz

  3. Love the outfit and love the Taylor shout out :D it's my ultimate Rocking Out song right now!

  4. eeee I have that dressing gown! I actually think it's one of the coolest cover ups ever, haha.
    Your outfit looks so comfy but so cute and appealing. The bag is gorgeous!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  5. gorgeous necklace, absolutely love your blog