Friday, 5 February 2010

Une aventure parisienne!

Je vais aller au paris DEMAIN!!!


I think I may have packed too many clothes.

Oh and this is what I wore today :P

cardi: h&m
pearls: carboot 10p
owl necklace: primark
top: new look sale
high waisted shorts: £7 topshop (used to be trousers but i hacked at them)

So no posts for a week, but a mahoosive one for when i return with lots of stories and pictures! :D Hope everyone has a lovely week :)

oh, and I also now have formspring


  1. Oh have fun!!!!!!!!!!! I simply adore's just wonderful!!!!! That's totally not the reason my 'one true love' boyfriend wound up being an Irish-French Boy, who's family comes from Paris... *cough cough*

  2. wow, you're so lucky! have fun (: i love your top in the outfit xxx

  3. i adore your outfit, and I'm SO jealous that you're going to Paris :(

  4. Oh lucky, enjoy Paris! I wish my school had bothered planning such a cool trip. We ended up going to Belgium instead. Hardly fashion central!

    Love your outfit, and it's good to see someone else still enjoying beaded necklaces :)

    - Anna Jane xxx

  5. i want to go to paris :( i hope you had time to go shopping and bring back goodies!