Saturday, 13 February 2010

And I always thought I would end up with you

Salut! :D je suis retournee finalmente!

well, the last week has certainly been 'eventful'.

i don't think i have ever been so cold in my 17 years of existence, 'we just seem to be going from one cold place to another!' 'i have 3 pairs of tights and 5 jumpers on, this is the limit now!!!!'

Tthis trip was definitely VERY disorganised, most of the time we seemed to just be walking and waiting and climbing steps and being crushed on the metro. A brief (emphasise on brief)summary of randomness for you (more detailed account tomorrow with more photos :D)

disasters on the metro, 'sylvie, don't be a dick', 'it's disgusting!', 'who would buy these shoes? they've got pieces missing', pervert in a thong across the road in a red lit room, 'do you remember when we didn't have to use the balcony to crack open smirnoff?' 'do you remember when it wasn't cold?' 'pissing crows are ruining my life' 'how come we haven't got any pissin pan?!!' 'are we on y va ing?' 'get back on your drive dave' 'SDF's!!!! sshhhh! they know what that means here!' 'he's beau' 'what's wrong with my star wazz?' getting stuck in the star room-'i don't know how to explain this, but we're stuck in a room...' princess 'jus et soup'-i never knew i could have my soup and juice together-NOW I CAN' 'gammeh'-ITS NOT A WORD, all crammed in a lift 'does anyone have a nail file?' this is not the time! 'ils vous attendent' 0_0 'why is everything so random?! 'why is there a hotel up there?! 'my finger's gone white!!!!!' 'huddle everyone, this is what we've been reduced to, if we don't laugh we're gonna cry!' 'rue du lingerie' 'do you remember what a coach looks like?' 'here my name's just 4'

hope everyone had a lovely week, oh and I want to thank all my followers now up to 50!!!! i really appreciate it :D im thinking up something special to celebrate for a later post :)

And finally, RIP Alexander McQueen. Although I admit I am not as knowledgeable as a lot of people are, his creations are truly some of the most beautiful designs I have seen. 

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