Monday, 15 February 2010

You lift my feet off the ground

Heyy guys :D

I'm 18 tomorrow! :O :D i may be going shopping with my mother and eating some pancakes :D hehe then on wednesday I'm staying in a hotel with friends in sheffield :)

Here are some more photos of Paris :) and below account part 1
Saturday 6th
We set off at 6:30am for london, we were taking the eurostar and everyones ears kept popping at the same time! lol the hotel was quite decent and we had a ceiling! though mine and joanne's room was tiny and we had a beautiful view of abandoned buildings.
We went to the Sacre Coeur in the evening and there were some weird boys 'she looks fit for a nun'. There was a very cute waitor who we wanted a photo with but he got told off :( For dinner we had pate which tasted of pork pies, chicken and weird sickley caramel which tasted of liquor.
Later we took photos on the balacony only just to realise there was a man in a thong in the opposite building taking photos!!!! :O He was in a red lit room and really freaked us out, when he noticed we were spying on him he kept peeking behind his curtain 0_0 But the police couldn't even do anything about it, it was awful.

Sunday 7th
We went to the cite des sciences, a science museum which was very boring and apparently incorrect. I learnt the different noises babies make. Later we went to an immigration museum which wasn't too bad, there were some cool photos and a very tall bunk bed.

Monday 8th
Today we went to the arch de truimph and met up with our old french assistant (above photos) :D He looks like Jude Law and Dexter. In the afternoon we went shopping in Chans de lise and met some random Brazillians that we took photos with!

Tuesday 9th
We went to les invalids and saw some tall beds and big paintings. It snowed and was VERY cold, we had to wait around for ages for our teacher, we were not happy campers, especially as there was only 1 toilet and a huge queue. In the afternoon we went to the cinema rex(cinema/museum thing), this was quite fun :) we missed the lift so waited for the next one, which took us to the wrong room so we went into a room full of stars and the door shut behind us so we had to ring for help 'i don't know how to explain this, its gunna sound abit weird but we're stuck in a room...' Later we went to the cinema and everyone got to have a lovely nap as it was a dreadful film. For din dins we got pizza but couldn't find any benches so had to stand in the street next to some dustbins :L oh dear...



  1. so exciting!!! happy birthday in advance. i'm jealous of your outing. my sister spent a month in sheffield for a camp, and i've always wanted to visit...

  2. Happy early birthday! :) & I'm so jealous of where you are in these photos haha

  3. Happy Early Birthday!!

    And God, the weather looks AWFUL! I love Paris though....the weather doesn't make that much of a difference but it is nice to be warm and dry!

  4. JEALOUS! and happy birthday for tomorrow :) check out my blog, it's pretty new haha: