Monday, 22 March 2010

I love drawing people

These are drawings of one of my favourite bloggers Marissa, this is the link to her beautiful site :) (

Alot of people in my art class hate drawing people, I guess it could be difficult with faces and hands, though when I was about 11 I started drawing manga and kind of taught myself to do it, I'm like a perfectionist-every detail has to be right! That's why I love doing drawing intricately detailed outfits :) I might post some old ones later this week.
Another reason I love drawing people is because I like making up characters and thinking what would this type of person wear? What would their hair be like? etc... I find people very interesting, haha :P

Oh, and this is a doll I made for art coursework awhail ago, I need to develope these photos to stick on a study sheet! The head is very wonky and she has a bald patch, hence the berret! :P

Has anyone else heard the song 'Number One Enemy' by Daisy Dares You? I am obsessed with it! Definetly suggest you youtube it :)
Another song I love at the moment is 'Stay Golden' by Au Revoir Simone


  1. i love your doll she so unique, with her hidden bald patch and big beautiful eyes

  2. You're seriously SO talented!
    & I know Daisy Dares You in person! She's really lovely :)



  3. You're really great at drawing :D

  4. thank you so much, they are gorgeous! :)!!

  5. You´re really talented,amazing pictures!
    Can I ask you,did you draw the Vogue picture on the left?it´s amazing!

  6. Aww wow, your very talented! Love your blog. Check out mine if you get the chance,

    Love Stacey x

  7. That doll is amazing! I love creepy dolls, sometimes I wish I was young enough to still play with them :) x