Sunday, 28 March 2010

Smile, there may be tomorrow

Hullo :)
I love it when it's all sunny and doesn't get dark till..erm 7? lol This weekend I was swamped with coursework and revision, i HATE A2 year.
Though I got a chance to do some shopping and purchased myself some beautiful things :D yay...haha
Primark(yes, primark!)-gorgeous floral button dress £13, a little over my £10 budget but i've had my eye on it for ages and there was only 1 size 10 left!
light brown leather look satchel-£3, its so cute and i've been looking for one for about 20 years :P
gold sparkly snake ring £2-instantly fell in love with it!
turquoise funky sunglasses from the 80s £1
brown leather look skinny belt £1
soft navy cardi-similar to one i've seen in topshop! £9

Photos for art exam project:

dress-primark £13, bag-jumble 20p, canvas lace ups primark £1, pearls-mum, bangle-gift

 Jumble Sale-black bag with gold clasp 20p
pink tea dress with white spots 20p
thick wooly knit oversize green and white cardi 20p
white nightie with purple/green floral pattern 20p
denim jacket 20p
dark brown leather look boots 10p
floral short sleeve button up shirt 20p
really cute button up cotton top 20p

More photies :D

high waisted denim shorts-gap via mum lol, i cut them, bag-primark £3, sunglasses primark £1, pearls-carboot 20p?, floral shirt-jumble 20p, cardi primark £9 i altered 

my lovely ring! there was only size M/L so i wear it on my thumb! 

I got some white cotton drink coasters from the jumble and stitched them onto the shoulders of this cardi along with pink pearls from primark, there abit uneven but i did save £38 from the topshop originals!

I will post more photos of these once they have been washed and altered :)

YES, 1 more week till chocolate and sleep! haha It's gonna be so busy though, tuesday i'm off down to winchester (3-4hours drive!) for my first uni interview! And I've gotta do so much art, as well as studying the history of spain and a film in french 'La Haine'. 
I'm really looking forward to the easter holidays as we're off to the Lake District, Newcastle and Edinburgh from the 6th-9th! As well as some random drunken mayhem with my friends hehe, What are you all doing?
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. i LOVE the second outfit!
    & yay for newcastle, that's my neck off the woods (:

  2. Awww I lvoe your fashion sense so much, can I steal your wardrobe?
    Also, my sister got that floral dress and I'm uber jealous!

  3. Your first dress and those shorts are beautiful!

  4. I love all of this!
    You've got amazing style :)

  5. like the shorts a lot and the pearls

  6. i went looking for that ring all day today! all sold out :(

  7. Loving those outfits, loving the blog!

    Check mine out if you'd like?

    x x x

  8. cute shorts, I want to cut my mum's jeans too!

    xx scarzz