Wednesday, 14 April 2010

10 Things I will Never Throw out of my Wardrobe :)

I got this idea from a this youtube video a while ago and although her style isn't really my taste, I though it was a really sweet video, how all her favourite items had a story behind them :)

1. Bodycon floral dress, New Look £10
I wanted this dress for AGES and thought it had sold out, so went to ebay but lost the bid. So when I found one left on sale randomly I practically snatched it off the rail! lol It's a size 14 so abit big but looks ok, I really love the colours. I have a lookbook with this here.
2. Blue check ruffle T-shirt, £2.80 charity shop
This smelt really nice when I picked it up, strangely! haha It reminded me of Christopher Kane's prints in his SS10 collection and I though it was very cute :) I have a lookbook here.
3. T shirt with dorky design, market in Thailand £1.20 or something
This is my fave T shirt, it's so unbelievably cute, on the front it says 'Relax Family Time' I love it so much! As I have the mentality of a 6 year old :P hehe
4.Lace top, New Look £10
I have a bit of a lace obsession (: I think this may be influenced from the beautiful outfits from The Virgin Suicides.
5. Floral shorts £19.99 Zara
I love these shorts so much! I'm going to wear them constantly in summer, plus they're bubble (they kind of remind me of nappies :L oh dear ahaha!!) which seems to be popular(H&M bag shorts I think they're called?)
6. My favourite bag, £6 Primark
This bag is awesome. Pretty much says it all :)
7. Bubble high waist skirt, Zara £19.99
My first high waisted skirt I ever bought and everyone seemed to like it :D It's really summery and goes with everything.
8. Bag, £7 market in Spain
This bag has been through much abuse, carting around all my college work! It's so worn and tatty now but I can't ever throw it away, plus it's a souvenigner of the AMAZING time I had on my spanish college trip.
9. Denim shirt, Uncle's
I saw this in my grandma's house when I went to Thailand last year and was like, ooh can I have it? :) It's very big though! (They were only sold in zara at this time for about £25 I think!) My friend said 'Where did you get that jacket, please don't say primark coz I bought mine from Zara and everyone got there's £20 cheaper!' lol It reminds me of American 80's, 90's movies which I love to get style inspiration from! :D
10. My pink rose hair clip £3 New Look
I didn't think I could wear things in my hair until I got this! I saw Katia wear one on celebrity big brother last year and really liked it, so me and my friend got some and I wear it all the time :)

Haven't really been up to much this week, just some coursework and attempting to take art photos, here you can see a couple with my floral shorts in action!! :L ahaha (hey, what is my head doing in this??!!)Have a Lovely Week Everyone :)


  1. i agree, the flower hair clips are gorgeous <3

  2. Great collection!!


  3. i'm so sorry it took me so bloody long to get back to you! i'd love to trade links, in fact i've already put you up there. love your list of clothes you're never throwing out. to be honest i wouldn't mind if i could chuck out my clothes at the end of a season and get all new ones, but alas it's not to be.
    x x x x

  4. omg those shorts are so cute!! I love your blog it's adorable!!!

    Olivia ^_^

  5. Great idea for a post! It was fun to read :D

  6. aww you are so adorable and i'm loving this post! i love the lace top and the floral shorts. and you got lucky finding that denim top in your uncle's stuff. :)

    oh! and peeps are little marshmallow birds covered in sugar. ( :P

  7. I love all your floral and lace stuff! Those are two things I've never been able to get into. Share you secret :p

  8. ah I love this idea! And now skinny are your legs??:O I'm jealous! x

  9. Number 6 is so nice. Ivv seen it in NewCastle a few months ago, and im still in love.

  10. awww i love this post a lot! i might have to steal this idea from you ;)

    i love #7. i love a nice simple skirt. you can make so many outfits from that.

  11. Those shorts look very comfy!

  12. omgosh, love those shorts. They are perfect for summer.

  13. I like the bag its actually really cool