Sunday, 11 April 2010

I'll just read a book instead

Hola :)

Last week I went on 'holiday' with my family to the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Edinburgh is definetly one of the most amazing cities i have ever visited(although not that great for shopping!) the buildings are pretty awesome though.
I bought some really skinny jeans from topman £10 (reduced from £36!) I saw one of my friends, Dan, jeans on sale too and thought 'ooh there're rather snazzy...haha if i wore them to college Dan'ud be like, uh..dude, what the hell?' :P hehe
I also bought some gorgeous caged sandels for summer! I wanted them so bad last year but they were £35 in River Island, though these were £11.20 (with my 20% discout voucher!) from new look :D

This skirt is really similar to the one in Topshop which is £28, but snatched this off the rail of some random shop in newcastle for £14 :)

Yesturday Was a really lovely day so me and my friends went to the square, then for a walk around Herringthorpe to get some chips and sweets :D And in the evening I enjoyed some beans on toast and watched Harry Potter.
Today me and my mum went to the car boot sale and I got these jazz shoes for 50p, a denim jacket for 50p and a sequin waist belt for 20p

My book, 'The Van Alen Legacy' if you haven't heard of the Blue Bloods series, I strongly suggest you read it!! Basically gossip girl+a less predictable version of twilight :)

Finally, I want everyone to have Kate Nash's new song in their heads! 'Do Wah Doo' It's wonderful.


  1. oooh i absolutely adore that floral bag & that skirt! i love Gossip Girl & Twilight so i'll have to check out the Blue Bloods series...thanks for the suggestion chica :)
    lovely post! xx

  2. Love the outfits and stuff!!


  3. Love the 50p shoes and the sequin waist belt! Such a bargain <3

  4. I love your skirt and belt, great finds.

  5. I love everything you bought, the shoes, the skirt, and that floral purse is gorgeous!

  6. Carboot sales = ♥
    I love them, and looks like you got some awesome bargains darling!
    And YES I live in Sheffield, a lovely place I must say haha. Yeah, Sheffield, manch, doncaster always have great vintage fairs, it's pretty awesome!!! :) ♥

  7. Him as an edinburgher by birth, I'm glad you had a good time there. Love the purchases. x

  8. Nice nice nice, specially you River island shoes and skirt!