Monday, 5 April 2010

Au Revoir, until Saturday

Happy Easter!! Hope everyone had a good friday (see what i did they ;D) haha :P I haven't really done much these last few days as I am lazy :P

Though I did finish altering my 20p floral nightie, which is now a dress, photos soon!
Sorry for the crap quality of photos in this post, I lost the USB cable to my camera and so have to use my phone!

In other news, the charger to the laptop exploded yesturday and now everyone in the house is fighting for the computer!! oh dear... lol

Tomorrow I will be going away with my family until friday, we're going to the Lake District, Newcastle and Edinburgh :D So I will be hunting down some vintage shops as well as looking for little gems in teh cute village charity shops :)

These are some random photos of my study sheets for my art exam:

Top: My obsession with Alexa Chung :P, inspiration by artist John Paul Thurlow
Drawing of Nut A-a favourite lookbooker of mine :) Drawing of a Vogue magazine-I LOVE Georgia Jagger
Bottom: Bridget Bardot photocopied from a book at college, sketch of an interesting photo I found

Have an awesome week dudes ;D

Oh, and ask me anything here:


  1. i love georgia jagger too! amazing drawing.
    & thank you very much for my award :')

  2. Wow that Vogue picture is amazing!! You should frame it:)!!


  3. oh, & i forgot to say but i've given you an award in return! (:

  4. Love these drawings... so pretty!


  5. absolutely gorgeous drawings!
    hope you have a lovely trip :)
    oh and i just thought i'd let you know that i did a review of the teen vogue handbook, i know you were interested in seeing that :)

  6. Amazing drawings!