Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wishing it was 1999

Both oral exams done and out of the way, yay! :P 
These are some of my recent purchases...

denim jacket, 50p charity shop! (look, it even has my name on it!! hehehe)

 tapestry floral handbag

high waisted denim shorts, I LOVE them, but sadly they are too small! If anyone who has a teeny tiny waist (i'm a size 8, so i think a size 6 should fit) is interested in these lovelies i will be selling them on ebay shortly(as well as the bag)

floral cosmetics pouch

PATTERNS! 4 for a £1, yes please!! :D They even include culottes and jumpsuits and I love the packaging!

Anyway, referring to the title, is anyone else obsessed with the 90's and the Americana denim trend right now? For all you 90s kids out there, don't you wish the stuff you had as a child still fit you now? 

6 or something year old me wearing some mighty fine leggings!!

I love this photo, particularly the clashing of our old curtains and my dress!

Yesturday, Becky, Nicole and Laura watched some Inbtetweener's ('feisty one you are!' 'the sea can be a cruel mistress!' and saying how we would probably be friends with then if we went to the same school! We also watched John Tucker Must Die whilst eating garlic bread and now I can't stop listening to the soundtrack!



  1. Hahaha, I love your recent purchases, vintage yet trendy! and you look so cute in those pictures. ;)

  2. I love your shorts, it's such a shame about them being too small though.
    - sophie

  3. Love that denim jacket!! Great blog!


  4. Have you recieved your goodies btw? :) xxx

  5. Yes, I'm completely in love with the 90's look! I can't get away from it!
    lovely blog by the way.

  6. Awh cuteee! And I really love everything you bought

  7. I love all the stuff you got! I wish I could find a demin jacket like that for 50p! x

  8. hi!
    your blog is v.cute!
    thanks for the idea of sewing lace to the shoulders of cardis/sweaters, you actually reminded me of something! a few months ago i was at this local boutique store where i was eyeing this cardigan with beautiful lace & other embroidered detail on the shoulders but was very expensive.. you've inspired me to just add it on myself! thankyou!

    and i'm following you !:)

  9. wow, so cute!

    such a shame about the shorts though.

    dammit, you're so good at finding bargains!

    xx scarzz

  10. That tapestry bag is gorgeous - I rather want it :)

    I wore a nifty little sailor dress (as I'm sure lots of other people did) when I was about 4, that I'd definitely like now in a bigger size!

    Just come across your blog & I am rather a fan already - so going to follow you, so thought I'd better stop & say hi!

  11. Yes, I ship to the UK for $16 :)
    I always love your purchases! You have great taste.

  12. I lovvvvee the floral handbag, beaut !!

    Also, 50p for that denim jacket...great buy! need to get one myself

    great blog

  13. They are the most incredible finds! going to follow your blog to! (by the way i match your description exactly :P)

  14. great buys, i love the tapestry bag. sucks that the shorts don't fit :-(
    old school pics are so cute- i have pics like this at home in the 90s with my floral dresses clashing with the curtains too! xx

  15. hi sweetie,
    I can´t say how much i LOVE your new clothes.

  16. great post!
    thanks for your comment.
    i love your background blog!
    so vintage

  17. cool denim jacket!
    i'm on the look out for a lighter coloured one.

    dark denim is not for summer!

  18. Great finds!
    I love that song <3


    x x x x x

  19. You have adorable blog. lots of retro vintage stuff awwww amazing!

  20. omg, I TOTALLY wish my 90s stuff fitted me now! I had so many pairs of Doctor Martens, printed leggings, slouchy jumpers... I was pretty damn cool haha :)

    I'm a big fan of charity shops & love the new purchases