Thursday, 20 May 2010

I'm obsessed with the mess that's America

Sup' guys :)

Well, this has been quite a lovely week for the British! Last week I was wearing a thick coat and scarf and this week I'm proper wacking the shorts out, and actually leaving my house WITHOUT A COAT. 
For those of you who don't live in the UK, we all go crazy when we get a little sun and temperature over 15 degrees! haha (and get sabotaged by greenflies)
Anyways, to the may focus of this post-Americana Trend! I have always loved the 90's style, denim look and am currently obsessed with this fad. Especially after watching this week's Frock Me episode.
Scrap Book Mood Board: (drawings at top by me)

My favourite part of Frock Me is when Gemma wanders the streets of a city (this week Birmingham) i think British fashion is one of the main reasons I am proud of my nationality.
Seriously think this girl should have been choosen, I love the detailing of the brooches and that cardi is fierce :D
I also loved this girls hair and pinstripe blazer 

I really want to go to Birmingham, meerly for people watching! 

Americana Checklist:
Romper, dungarees, playsuit
Denim Jacket
Brown Leather jacket
Baseball Jacket
High waisted denim shorts
Baggy polo shirts
Men's baseball jumpers
Converses and tennis shoes

Finally, this is what I wore today:

Playsuit-Topshop(I LOVE it!!!!!)  Clock necklace-from the lovely Kavita at as a giveaway prize. I suggest you check out her blog, you can tell she is really dedicated from the beautiful layout and each post is really interesting!


  1. Lol it's been really sunny in scotland! :P me and my friend wre talking about going to birmingham actually aha :P

    loove that playsuit you're wearing!

  2. I wanted that girl to ghet chosen to! she was by far the coolect!i love your playsuit! im still looking for one :(

  3. I love your necklaces <3 So cute!


    x x x x

  4. That redhead girl looks amazing! And you too (:

  5. boat watch necklace is amazing!

  6. amazing scrap book!

    yet another lovely outfit x)
    xx scarzz

  7. Love the boat necklace. Amazing

  8. love the necklace - and LOVE kavita! she's my bestessttt blogger friend haha :P



  9. yes frock me was grrrreat this week! i also loved that girl's cardigan.

  10. ohh i adore your necklace with this clock !
    and the dress also :)
    u live in england, you re very lucky , i want it too! see u

  11. we were definately inspired by the same thing! I loved that episode of frock me! and i totally agree with the people watching it weird i would call it a hobby? im commonly found in the window seat of starbucks pretending to listen to what whoever i'm with is saying, but really, i'm having a clothes-perve. xx

  12. Your blog is INSPIRING! I love all your florals- you are SO classy!!! I love it! These are beautiful- all the pictures, all the items of makes me drool just a little bit :)