Tuesday, 25 May 2010

And it's not what you've lost But it's what you find

Today's style inspiration is Ellie Goulding, I love her :) Especially her new song 'I wish I stayed' and she seems like a really cool person. I love her denim jumpsuit she wore on 'Frock Me', deffinetly one to look out for!

Isn't she just beautiful? I adore her hair!

summerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

summer by katthai featuring Armand Basi tops

The floral crop top, Oh My Gosh. I need it.

On Sunday it was Nic's 18th birthday party, it was awesome. :D

Just a little bit tipsy ;P hehe

I feel like I have so much more free time now the art coursework deadline has passed, no more exams till the end of june! I know a lot of you are stressing about exams, so just want to say GOOD LUCK! Study hard and you'll be fine :)

A more fashion related (plus drawings :D) post later this week, and and please check out my ebay items! 2 pairs of high waisted denim shorts (including levis!) and a couple of vintage bags


  1. cute! i love all those pieces. u have great taste :)


  2. I love Ellie Goudling! Her voice is amazing <3

    x x x

  3. i know what you mean about the art coursework, i can't believe it's all finished!
    i love your lace dress (:

  4. The outfit id awesome and I love everything you and your friends are wearing! Looks fabulous!


  5. you look so lovely in those pics!

  6. eek i love ellie goulding too!
    she is beautiful.
    i saw her the other day supporting john mayer and my boyfriend got to speak to her when i went to the toilet :(
    she has lovely style x

  7. thanks for your comment <3
    you and your friends look lovely! i adore your outfit, your dress looks so cute on you! xox

  8. Yes,she seems to be very lovely:)
    I adore the collage,which you made on Polyvore,it reminds me of summer♥