Saturday, 29 May 2010

I'll be beside the phone waiting for you

Au Revoir TRC :D Finally left college for good, (well, I still have some exams in june) 
Last night I went to Pop with friends,
our feet KILLED on the way home (went to the Chilliz, then pizza, then to a 'Lady of The Night Club' :P so Nic could go to the toilet, 'we're not a public toilet!' so we strolled down to my house in agony. My toes actually felt like they were burning: tip, if your planning going out from 11-4am do not wear high heels!!

Anyway, as promised this is going to be a more fashion related post, and recently I have become obsessed with playsuits. suprisingly as I used to HATE jumpsuits and playsuits.
The bottom drawing on the  right is of my friend's sister I saw wearing a gorgeous floral jumpsuit, I never though anyone could pull something like that off! My friend was like, 'i like your....thing?' 
Though she's one of those people who can pull off ANYTHING, i think i'll stick to playsuits!

playsuitFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


  1. Gorgeous drawings! I hope I can draw like that someday <3


  2. aaaah those playsuits are gorgeous! xo

  3. I love playsuits, and you're really good at drawing! love the hair+faces you give them. it's different, a very good type of different :D

  4. i LOVE the playsuit in the middle :D

  5. I love rompers, though I'm not sure I could pull of any jumpsuits!

  6. I don't like dresses but I lóve playsuits!
    The drawings are really cute btw