Tuesday, 1 June 2010


To thank you for following my blog (118!!) I've decided to do my first Blog Giveaway :)
the prizes are: Barry M jade nail polish, Barry M lip gloss, a beautiful Vintage cameo necklace and an adorable pink beaded keyring(from Thailand!) To be in with a chance of winning, just follow these rules:
1. You must be a follower
2. Give me a link to your blog, (if you don't have one, let me know your email address) also, let me know if you've mentioned this competition on your blog and I will put your name in twice :)
3. Tell me what your hopes and plans are for this summer!
4. The contest ends on the 20th June
5. Sorry, UK participants only as I can't ship outside the my country!
Good Luck Everyone! :)

Current music obsession:
Peaches, Cobra Starship(&Leighton Meister), The Pretty Reckless, Nickleback-Burn it to the Ground


  1. samichami.blogspot.com
    This summer I plan on brushing up my Japanese!


  2. http://lilymcleod.blogspot.com/
    I plan on getting very drunk and sunbathing loads!


  3. www.poem-without-words.blogspot.com

    for this summer i hope to have fun exploring new places with my friends, forget the pain people caused me recently, prepare for going into college and hopefully meet some amazing people during the summer

  4. interesting blog


  5. heyy sweetheart,amazing things!

    i follow you


    aaand i´ll post it on my blog,tomorrow!

  6. lovely giveaway! i dont have a blog but my email is hollykoochitt@hotmail.com

    this summer im actually going to thailand :) for a month and a bit so it should be good to visit the sights :)

  7. my plans for this summer : going to NY and London and having fun :D
    im already a follower so i put a link of your blog, with the add for your giveaway ! :)see u

  8. ==> http://godsaveourdressing.blogspot.com
    sorry :)

  9. awww, this is such a lovely giveaway!
    my blog is thoughtsfromanotherkook.blogspot.com
    and my summer plans this year are to visit as many charity shops as i can, read war & peace, have many many vinyl record parties with my friends & embark on lots of arty discoveries.

  10. I'm in!


    My plans; Get super tanned, hopefully see Cobra Starship again, festivals and white wine <3

  11. http://yourstalkerslittlesister.blogspot.com/
    - already a follower :)

    i'm hoping my boyfriend can come up and stay for about 2 weeks (he lives in london :() aaand i'm also hoping to go to ireland after ive been to spain. i'm gonna find out more about me this summer. i'm gonna make it my best summer yet :D

    Check out my GIVEAWAY! YSL manicure + Lancome makeup

  12. www.jemappellehannah.blogspot.com
    already a follower, and i shall mention this on my blog in a matter of minutes/hours :}

    i'm hoping to have a really lovely summer sat in fields with all my friends and maybe drinking a few cheeky pina coladas hahah. and i'm hoping to have an amazing time in turkey and meet some new people:) fingers crossed!

    congrats on the followers:) x

  13. http://leauderose.blogspot.com

    I'm hoping I get some good results at the end of August after working so hard with my GCSE's! I'm going to Italy for 2 weeks, so hoping for sun, no BA strikes and no volcanic ash! I'm also planning on doing lots of shopping, sunbathing, sightseeing and sleeping! haha.


  14. Cute blog. Love

  15. Aww shame I don't live in the UK anymore. Great giveaway :) Aww cool, you've been to Hong Kong before? That's nice to have relatives abroad, it's a good excuse to travel :)

  16. hoping to get a holiday in greece to relax on the beach and fall in love with beautifully tanned waiters!
    then return to england, and hopefully get out to a few festivals?
    perhaps earn some money too so i can afford these things?
    hahahaha, love the giveaway & will definitely mention on my blog - cest-lamour.blogspot.com
    ells, xo

  17. ps, i'm already a follower :) xo

  18. Yes I do :( I didn't read that :x
    But thank you for following!

  19. This summer I'm planning to catch up on my reading, buy less and be more creative with what i already own :)

    Love that necklace, http://reverieboutique.blogspot.com/


  20. Reply to your comment:
    I took Japanese in 9th and 10th grade, but then had to stop for a year...I'm losing the vocab!! >_< Thankies! I used to read Full Moon! It's so pretty, and I will def check out what you recommended! :3

  21. Great Giveaway!! I have this shade of Barry M nail polish on right now :) x

  22. Amazing giveaway kat!
    Im planning to having a good time dressing up for englands beautiful summer weather hopefully.
    Your blog is very inspirational :)
    xx <3

  23. thanks, i hope so! and i will let emma know haha. ells, xo

  24. Really?! I waiting for a week now ><
    And thank you! ;)

  25. I LOVE your background on a blog.

  26. i want these so badly!♥

  27. Ah this is a great idea :) only just started this blogging stuff so just getting used to it but i have to say i do like yours :)

    Anyways this summer i have 2 weeks in turkey! YES sun sun sun for a change compared to this stupid english weather. I hope to go explore some turkish markets and buy some nice jewellry and dresses in bright colours to add to my wardrobe collection :)

    P.s i see the nail varnish is Jade colour! Love it even more as it matches my name HA :) xx


  28. :) I hope to go camping with my friends!



  29. hey! :)
    here is my blog: http://f-lxo.blogspot.com/
    & ive also mentioned the competition on my recent post! :)
    This summer i will be hopefully going to London for the second time this year (i regret not taking as much money last time, so i had little to shop with |: ) + I will be going Leeds festival in August with all my chums! and then just generally... BBQs, beach, venturing on day outs with my friends and having a blast before i start uni in September! :)

    Thanks :) xx