Sunday, 6 June 2010

I could belong to the night

Hii guys!
First of I wanna thank all my new followers for taking part in my giveaway (finishing 20th June) 
Okay, well these last 2 weeks have been pretty crazy to say the least, now me and my friends are all 18 we are hitting the town, getting very disgracefully drunk (i'm such a lightweight!!!) and eating pizza at 4 am. Well, it's all in good fun ;P hehe
Anyway, I'll get to the fashion related part of this post, lately I have grown a fondness to maxi skirts and jumpsuits(both of which i HATED last year)
I'm kinda struggling to think of what you could wear them with, they would look gorgeous on tall girls, unfortunelty, I' fact, god knows how tall I am, 5 ft 4ish??!!! 
Well, whatever, above are some drawings I did the other day of how someone could wear these skirts: a crop top(gingham influenced by Chris Kane) Also, I adore orientle style school uniforms. When I go to Thailand the girls look adorable in white t shirt blouses, long pleated skirts, white socks, black buckle shoes and briefcases. Other ways you could wear maxi skirts I guess would be with simple vest tops, quirkey motif T-shirts and cropped military or trophey jackets? What do you think?

Finally I've been procastinating for years (well, about 2 years lol) whether to have my hair short, like this:

i would be VERY scared of doing this

more likely...

Or to just keep it growing long? Though it flicks out at the bottom because of my layers. I wish I had long thick hair.... "sigh"

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  1. I love those drawings so much!so cute! and ive been having the hair debate for a long time to....i don't think i'll ever decide!

  2. great drawings! im half thai half english so im going to thailand this summer since.. i was like 10 years old haha. Can you recommend any good shops/places to go?! I never seem to find any good clothes places and i agree with you about all the thai girls looking really cute.. then theres me feeling so outta place -.-


  3. I think you would look so cute with that really short hair cut!

  4. Did you draw them? :)) Bras of the drawing looks good :))I like to do drawings. You can look from there :))

  5. i say go for the haircut, you'll have so much fun playing with your femininity.

    i used to have pixie hair about 5 years ago. it's long now, but it was fun while i had it.

  6. wow great!
    btw i'm from indonesia.what bout you?
    have a nice day

  7. i like taylor's hair.. ooohhh you just gave me an idea on possibly a new hairdo myself. aahh!!

    Animated Confessions

  8. i've always loved longer hair... i feel as though i have more options and variations at my disposal when i have more tresses to work with.

  9. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Come and see mine!

  10. i love your drawings. adorable outfits