Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top...

Salut (: OK, not obvious I've just done 3 hours of french revision, eughhhh :L
Trust it to be sunny and hot the week of all my exams!! Oh well, I can see my legs getting a tan(which rarely happens)-WIN! This is what I wore yesturday:

dress-topshop sale(agess ago), stripey top-carboot, shoes-primark
Sorry for the crappy picture, as soon as I earn enough from work a camera is on my list of things to buy!!!
 Here are a few recent purchases which I LOVE:
  lace body-ebay £3.70

military denim jacket-ebay £5.50

white converses (wanted for AGES)-ebay £12 something

This is probably my fave :D It's originally from miss selfridge but I got it in a carboot for 50p! I have been wanting a floral blazer and this ditsy pattern is adorable, my latest obsession is prints and patterns (...miu miu)

This is a polyvore set I am lusting, demonstrating my adoration for this trend :P

printsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

prints by katthai featuring TopShop

I made this whilst listening to Katie Perry's new song 'California Gurls'-I can't stop playing it!

Oh, and I got this idea from this lovely girl's(or Scottish Cat :P) blog: http://j-ad0re.tumblr.com/
Her style is really inspiring and she's such a nice person! Check out her LOOKBOOK
I love them so much, they look like strawberries! :) It was very fiddly to paint the little dots though

Finally, the winner of my giveaway....
Congratulations...JADE!!! :D  I will post the prize to you later this week (:
(Sorry to some of you, I couldn't enter as you might have forgot to read the rule 'must live in the UK') 


  1. Cute outfit! Good luck in your exams, and those are all such great buys!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Ah i love that outfit! and great find with the lace body! (i want everything in that set to :P)


  3. Ah Katy Perry! That song is stuck in my head for days now! And I love your blazer : D

  4. haha, that Katy Perry video is so weird! But in a good way :p
    Good luck with exams, sweety (:


  5. Cute purchases! I like your ring xo


  6. Can't believe I won! Thanks kat! :) LOVE YOUR BLOG <3