Friday, 25 June 2010

ooh my baby diddy dum diddy doo

Hey guys :D
Guess what?!! My exams are finally OVER!!!!! So happy :) And I think they went OK, hoping so anyway! lol 
This is what I wore yesturday for our end of french meal at Nando's

Blazer-carboot 50p, lace top-new look £10, shorts primark £2 (i added the gold buttons) cameo-market 80p
Today I went shopping and went a little crazy in Topshop (apperently you are only aloud 6 items in the changing room, not 12) Anyway, this is what I bought:

I fell in love with these! And they are a size 3, fit me beautifull! :) hehe £20 from £40

I like this skirt because it kinda reminds me of Taylor Momsen's style, which I influences my own style alot. It fits really well and I love the denim dye :) it was £15 from £30

I've had my eye on this dress for awhail, I love bodycon dresses, they're so feminine and flattering :D this was only £8 from £25! 

Tonight I'm going clubbing wth Becky, Laura and Nicole, I'm so excited, it's been AGES since I last went out! Then next week I can do whatever I please, it's so weird, I keep thinking I have revision to do!
What has everyone else been up to recently?


  1. love the stuff you got from topshop? is the sale quite good thenn? hopefully going to b'ham tomorrow so i'll check it out! have fun clubbing :)

  2. Love your blazer!! Cant wait to hit topshop tomorrow, hope all the good stuffs not gone!!


  3. I wanted these shoes!! So good!


  4. oh my, i just love everything about your outfit! i wish i could be as lucky at car boot sales (:

  5. congrats on the end of your exams! i only have one left!! :D
    great buys, i LOVE your blazer! great bargain!
    following :)

  6. this outfit is so gorgeous! also you should definitely try a maxi dress even if you're short, my friend kavita ( wore one recently and looked amazing, even the stylist at the aussie event we went to said she was breaking rules but still looked fab :)



  7. the jacket and top are amazing!
    i also love the stripey bow back top youve bought :)
    enjoy your holidays!

  8. nice new stuff! ;) and love you blazer !