Monday, 28 June 2010

i like where you sleep, when you sleep next to me

Hey (:
These are the photos from Friday.

 On Saturday I went to Barnsley and had a bit of a charity shop raid :P They have pretty good charity shops in Barnsley!!
These are my favourite, i literally snatched them off the hanger. 

levis acid wash shorts!!!! For £3.30 and in my size! (well they are VERY tight but I love them too much too sell them :P) 
Other purchases, this beautiful lace top for £2.40

I also finally got my hands on 'The Lovely Bones' which I have been wanting to read for ages (:

Here are my two recent pair of shorts :D the ones above I got from a carboot for 30p and decided to stitch the badges on earlier whilst watching Mama Mia (for the 82108312th time!)

I got the idea from this girl. I am in love with her style (:
Anyway, I go to Spain next Tuesday(so excited!! :D) and am STILL in search of some bikinis. This is kind of what I had in mind:

(drawings by me) I'm obsessed with prints atm, strawberries, gingham (christopher kane ss10) and bow prints! Yet the only places I can find bikinis like this are Topshop, and I really don't have the money..

Some other drawings I did recently showing my love for: crop tops, big shoulders, union jack, sequin hot pants, stripe bodycon dress and ruffle shorts. My friend was wearing shorts like these the other day which she 'borrowed' from her sister.'Stop stealing my Katy Perry shorts!!' :P hehe

Lastly, you may have noticed my new blog layout and design. I really love the girlyness of it, but for some reason the background refuses to cover the top of my blog. I'm not sure why but it's very annoying!!


  1. Such good finds i want all of them! you look amazing :)

  2. i wish the charity shops where i live were that good! Those drawings are so sweet :) the lovely bones is a really good book. xx

  3. OMG at the Levi's and such a great idea to stitch the badges onto the shorts! I have to do that with my cheap,plain Penneys shorts, thanks <3
    Your drawings are amazing, I really want all those bikini's. Too bad they're just drawings. *super sad face*

    x x x

  4. i love the lace top!
    oooh, i think i may need to search out a pair of ruffle shorts too!

  5. Wow you got some really cute things :) I'm in love with the white lace top! I think I better go check out some charity shops sooooon ;D

    Jade xx
    P.S I have now emailed you my address! :)

  6. I love that top from Friday! Your Levi's shorts are really cool, Last year I also bought Levi shorts at the thriftstore but they were really to small so I sold them for 11 euro and bought them for 1 :') win!

  7. aww,you are so cute babe!♥

  8. wow!
    just found your blog and im iiin loove! soo cute and kinda edgy, and pretty deng perfect style! and your drawings are perfection as well
    and i loove your hair
    wow, awesomeness fer sure ;)

  9. It's really good! I also thought it might suck because it's a third movie but I loved it!

  10. you're extremely talented at drawing!

  11. oh wow you got some lush bargains girl!
    love your outfit in the first pictures :) xo

  12. Cute pictures!

    Just stumbled by your blog &
    I absolutely love it! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  13. love both of your outfits!
    and those a re great buys
    by thw way have just followed you blog
    mind to follw back?


  14. oh darling, i just ADORE your style. the things you wear, they are just soo wonderful. my gosh.


  15. Love love love your style! Have started following you darling! xxx

  16. your blazer in the post below is fantastic, so shocked when i saw it was a mere 50p

  17. hope you manage to fix the background, i hate when html refuses to do what you want it to do too :(:(

  18. amazing finds! love the levis and cute drawings :) x

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    Great blog! I really enjoy it.

    Please have a look at my blog too and if you like it, I hope you follow me ;-)

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    See you soon.

  20. I could only wish to find this many sweet ass pairs of shorts on one excursion. They are both so amazing and so teeny tiny!!! Whenever I find amazing shorts (examples shown in post) they are super big, but these are perfect.

  21. love them! When I went to germany I fell in love with how many cute little op shops I saw & all the lovely prints at h&m, but its winter in australia, so bikinis were out of the question!

    xx scarzz