Monday, 5 July 2010

I know a place, where the grass is really greener

Hola (:
First of all, Hi to my new followers!! And thankyou to all the ones who write comments, although I don't reply to all of them I do read and appreciate them, you guys are so lovely :) 

On wednesday I'm off to Spain with my friends, so exciting yet stressed at the same time! Though i've finally got the bikini i've had my eye on for ages:

These are some recent carboot purchases which I am very very happy with :D

vintage pinstripe dress 30p

awesome sunglasses-30p strawberry(katy perry :P)neckless-30p bow necklace-30p

gingham/check crop top 20p or something

check shirt 20p
vintage brown handbag 50p

vintage jewellery box £1.50 (i've wanted one for ages!!)

On Thursday we went clubbin for my friend's 18th which ended up to a rather...eventful night...haha..oh dear..

I wore: top-topshop sale £8, skirt, this random shop in newcastle £14.99 ish, bag £6 primark

I don't know if I'm gonna be doing another post before I leave, so if not ADIOS (until next wednesday!) Hope everyone has a lovely week :D I'll end this post with some recent polyvore creations

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  1. Those are some really incredible finds, where is this car boot sale?
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. god your 'boot sale finds are amazing.
    have a good holiday!x

  3. your car boots are bloody unreal! the ones i go to are old cricket sets and dvds , pffft x

  4. i adore that vintage stripes dress! & that's a cute bikini too.

  5. Oh my gosh what wonderful finds! give me that dress :P

  6. oh my go that pinstripe dress is adorable!
    love the last polyvore i need that topshop skirt so bad :( haha

  7. i need to know where this carboot sale is XD

    love the sunglasses.

  8. what a freeking cute/sweet little blog you got going. keeeeep it up xx

  9. hello again! i've given you an award on my blog, as i love yours (:

  10. Amaze blog, following you!
    And wowza, so cheap yet so pretty things!
    Erm, only slightly jelous m'dear ♥

  11. SO cheap and SO chic!!
    I like the top you wore clubbing teamed with that skirt clubbing: I think its the perfect balance between Loose and Fitted.
    I LOVE fashion peach :)

  12. I wish I lived where you lived because the carboot sales are rubbish around here, you can only get dog chewed action figures and old pokemon cards :(

  13. LOOOOOVE your oufit. and your polyvore creations - i have been lusting after those jeffrey campbells for yonks.


  14. you look so adorable in these pictures! i'm head over heels in love with that bathing suit as well as the vintage striped dress! :)

  15. OMG! You had a lof of fun.
    I'm following
    Follow me if you want

    Do you have chictopia?

  16. just had to say that the little star bikini is so cute! i love the pattern!
    xo alison

  17. well done at finding the amazing items at a boot sale
    i love car boots, such a good way of finding unique things, i recently bought the most amazing bag from one and jewellery is always cool too ^&^
    anyway, i shall definitely be following your blog ..

  18. hello! i gave you an award on my blog :):)