Saturday, 24 July 2010

Topshop sales & discovering my adoration for London

I'm backkkk :) Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been so busy lately. I've just got back from seeing my grandma and friends down in Southampton and doing some shopping in Bristol and LONDON!! Camden market and Oxford street ofcourse, Camden was amazing-so many interestingly dressed people, I could people watch there all day! Unfortunetly everything was a little out of my price range :(
Anyway, these are my recent purchases, I went abit crazy in the sales, especially Topshop!

Sid and Nancy top, originally from Topshop but from a carboot for 50p (I'm gonna put this up on my ebay next week starting price at 99p)

Stripey bodycon dress, originally from Topshop, got at the same carboot for 50p (i'm putting this on ebay for 99p too, its a size 8)

Floral shorts, charity shop £4.50 I am in LOVE with these!!!

Floral crop top, Topshop £9 reduced from £25

Lace dress Topshop £9 reduced from £38, I love this so much, it reminds me of something Taylor Momsen would wear :D

Cardigan H&M £5 reduced from £24.99

Trousers £22.99 Zara (yeah, these were abit of a splurge but I've wanted some trousers like this for ages, and with zara, you can't really go wrong :p)

Straw hat H&M £1 from £4.99, I'm really surprised at how versatile this is :D

Bow clips, £1 at Primark, aren't they so adorable?!

Parisienne neckless £1.50 Primark, It looks so similar to one I've had my eye on in Accessorize :)

OK, sorry about bombarding you all with my purchases! I will try to get a more interesting post up later this week :) This afternoon I'm going to the field to chillll with my friends :P then I'm undecided whether to go clubbin tonight, I have spent FAR to much lately and my mother will not be pleased! lol 
Hope everyone's had a lovely week :) 
Listening to-The Pretty Recless-Miss Nothing
Finger Eleven-Paralyzer


  1. Those are some great purchases! I'm glad you shared!

  2. That Topshop lace dress is pretty pretty!

  3. these are such amazing finds, especially that h&m cardigan! i've been after the blue version for quite some time.

  4. ooh i will definetly bid on that sid and nancy top!

  5. You see, I can't stand Camden... I think most people who live in London hate it, its really weird.. Although I do like Camden Roundhouse, obviously. I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THAT LACE DRESS FOR FOREVER since they sold out on the website. I'm so jealous!
    It would be mine

  6. Wow nice buys, i love them all!

  7. i love your floral shorts! (pretty much love anything floral) and i love the floral zara pants :P
    apparently there's rumours zara is going to open up in australia - can't wait for it to come true!

  8. Which carboots do you go to? I just realised we may end up going to the same ones as you live in rotherham which is very close to sheffield haha! Amazing finds, very jealous of those shorts!! (even though I have about 500 pairs of high waist shorts!) xxx

  9. love the sid and nancy top and the lacy topshop dress! i think you should go out clubbing later heehee! xx

  10. I have the floral crop top from Topshop! I was so pleased to see it in the sales so cheap :)

    I visited Camden afew weeks ago and although I loved the atmosphere the clothes were all so samey and a little overpriced.. Maybe I didn't delve into the markets far enough?!

  11. Aww, such amazing things! Really lovin' the first top, and the bows :-)