Tuesday, 27 July 2010

This is lovely lovely lovely...wow..

You guyyyyys! Look what I found at the carboot last sunday!!!!

I think I'm in love. And it was only 30p!!!! Ridic. It reminds me alot of one I saw in Topshop too :)

Please excuse my face in some of these, I know I look rather disgruntled...

Yesturday was a very lazy day (as I suspect the next 2 weeks will be as two of my best friends are off on holiday!) I spent most of it watching my Skins season 1 dvds and reading 'Notorious'-an 'it girl novel' and I am addicted!! I love how straight to the point and girly it is :D I also finished 'The Lovely Bones' which I really loved! I can't want to see the film, even though I heard it had bad reviews, I just always like to see films of books I have read. 

Finally, I thought I should let you know that my ebay items are now up! Everything starting at 99p :) (link in the sidebar)

Have a lovely week everyone!

Listening to: Katy Perry-Teenage Dream
Fugative-Bad Girl
The Coral-Dreaming Of You


  1. awww this dress is beyond gorgeous and the design is so delicate! what a great find :)

  2. DUDE....... just........ go away :(
    just kidding but KAHSDKJAHDS they never have anything like this at any car boots i go to, or in the charity shops ! :( jealoussssssssss.

  3. i love that dress so much! it looks so pretty on you as well, i am oh-so-very jealous!

  4. beautiful dress! i love car boots, always something amazing for just a few pennies :) you look lovely :) xx

  5. I really love this dress, it doesn't look much when it's not on, but it looks beautiful when you're wearing it.

    If you get chance please check out my blog. It’s in its very early days but I'm holding a little vintage giveaway. If you’re interested its http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/

    Vikki xx

  6. That dress is adorable, what a great find. I really love the blog too, I found it very inspirational, following :).

  7. OMG. I Envy you, you look so georgous in it ! D:

  8. WOW! you´re beautiful,i love the awesome dress too!
    enjoy watching Skins,they´re amazing.i´ve seen all of the episodes:)