Sunday, 1 August 2010

You think I'm funny, when I tell the punchline wrong

Yesturday I FINALLY got round to watching Toy Story 3 with Alice, and it was AMAZING. I loved it so much, and made me cry! Deffinetly worth waiting 11 years for :P It was so weird too, I was this same age as Andy when I watched the first two and now I'm off to university just like he's off to college :') I don't feel like i'm growing up though, I think I'm growing down actually.

gingham top-£2 charity shop, hat-£1 H&M, shorts-£1.50 charity shop

I decided to bleach them and quite happy with the result :D From the lookbook forum alot of people seem to want to do this to, this is how I did it:

Put on rubber gloves-very important
splash on abit of bleach carefully and rubbed the shorts together
left for abit, but check them every 5 minutes
once i was happy i rinsed thouroughly with hot water making sure to get all the bleach out, then hang out to dry

Finally, here are some of my favourite from tumblr


  1. what a great outfit and the price is even better! i love cheap finds. toy story made me cry too haha! good luck with uni though, i've just finished my first year and it was the best year of my life!! :) xxx

    lulu -

  2. I love your outfit, the gingham top is so sweet! Those shorts look amazing too.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I almost cried at TS3 to, I really thought they were going to die!
    That top is so cute but I think I like shorts better with out bleach :x

  4. you girls in the northern hemisphere make me wish it was summer!

  5. The shorts look great, I think I might have to play with some bleach myself.

  6. I loved toy story 3! It was awesome!

    I quite like the shorts :)

  7. you are so so lucky at charity shops! the bleached shorts look awesome.

  8. i just found your blog, and i love your blog and style!! i'm following you now. =]

    and i agree, toy story 3 was amazing.

  9. you´re awesome!love ur hat♥♥♥♥

  10. toy story 3 was super awesome. i love that top!

  11. ohmygod. i can TOTALLY relate to the statement about being shy.
    For everyone who dosent read - GO READ A DAMN BOOK! you have no idea how amazing they are, and how much they can take you away into a different world.