Monday, 13 September 2010

You look like a movie star

These last three days have been abit crazy. Clubbing Thursday and Friday and Leaving Party on Saturday :D 

Thursday night  wore: dress-Primark £13, my new clog sandals!! £18 reduced from £50, Topshop(they are suprisingly comfortable)

I move out this Friday, and still need to purchase several books, bit of equipment and my student card! Oh dear...


  1. thanks for answering my question! i've always wondered why. just wondering, is it also because the universities people choose to attend are generally very far from their family homes or is that not a factor? here in australia, people normally just attend a university in their state! there would also not be much of a point to move closer to uni if it is only reducing travel by.. 45 minutes when it's cheaper to live with your parents hahhaha, maybe we're just lazy? haha

  2. I love that first dress! You look beautiful in it! :)


  3. love your outfit and good luck with sorting everything out :) x

  4. You look pretty in your dress :) xx