Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bargainista Show and Tell Challenge!

(more pictures below)
I was recently contacted by to take part in the 'Bargainista Challenge', basically, it is a competition for fashionistas to show off their bargainista outfit!

I'm wearing:
Blue and white pinstripe dress-carboot, 30p: Without a doubt, one of my favourite thrift finds! It used to be down to my ankles so I hemmed it to my desired length and wear with a waist belt (as it is rather large!)
Denim jacket-Charity shop, 50p: I adore this denim jacket, it's so practical, it goes with everything and is the perfect fit :D
Brown satchel-Market, £1: I have a huge collection of handbags and this was perfect! I really love vintage brown leather look little bags 
Clog/Sandals-Topshop, £18 reduced from £50: I wanted shoes like these for ages and couldn't believe how much they had been reduced! I don't think I could ever afford anything in Topshop at full price, so I always hunt for stuff in the sales :)
Straw Hat-H&M, £1 reduced from £5: I love this hat, it goes with everything! It's actually a man's :P But i wear it the wrong way round as it seems to look more feminine, haha 
Round sunglasses-Carboot, 10p: I picked these up at a carboot, I love 60's styled items and these reminded me so much of John Lennon :P
Belt-Mum: This is my favourite belt, I wear it a lot as I love high waisted shorts and skirts :)

OK, as for my secret Bargain Hunting Tip, I guess I would say, 'Don't get upset when you see someone wearing that amazing dress from Topshop that you couldn't afford, you could probably find something similar, or even more amazing in a charity shop that NO-ONE else has for a fraction of the cost!' 

This Competition is open to ALL UK bloggers! And even better, there is a chance for 3 First Prize Winner's to grab themselves:

 Two Gold entry tickets to London Fashion Weekend
 Two limited edition show bags
 Two entrance tickets to the catwalk shows
 Entrance to the shopping hall filled with designer discounts

The competition ends Thursday 16th September, if anyone wishes to enter, please contact me with your email and I will send you the pdf with all the details :) The winner will be notified on the 17th September, I'm really sorry for the short notice, I only realized I had recieved the email yesturday!


  1. love love looove the hat! & the glasses too, john lennon eeep :D

    i've given you an award on my blog dearie (:

  2. wow, they're all such good finds :) i'm so jealous that you managed to get those shoes so cheap! they're lovely.

  3. Your blog is too cute :) Love it :) xxx

  4. cute's my dream to go to london fashion gud luck
    thanks for your comment.

  5. your outfits and blog are so lovely and great!

  6. i need those shooooooeeesss! i'm dying!


  7. I wish to be an UK blogger... the prize is awsome!!

    Your outfit is fantastic, sandals and dress are my favourite ones!!

  8. Love your dress, it's gorgeous! Congratulations on winning :)


  9. this look is amazing. really, it suits you :-)

  10. great blog et stle . love this stripey dress and bowler hat.

    do please check out 'betsie'.

  11. I never get tired of your outfits! so cute.

    xx scarzz

  12. You find great things in carboots!

  13. That's such a cool challenge. I love your dress! That looks like an amazing find.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal