Sunday, 12 December 2010

Well, Hello There :3

 Hi Guys!
I am so sorry I havent posted in about 1298301831 years! I've just been very busy with uni, it's been the most crazy 3 months of my life!! But I'm back until the 24th Jan so lots more posts to come to make up for it!
Firstly, Hello to all my new followers! It makes me a very happy camper to know people enjoy my blog! lol I read and appreciate every comment you put even if I forget to reply.

OK, so over the last few months LOADS has happened. I've purchased many many lovely vintagey bargains, the charity shops in leeds are rather snazzy! I will do a post about them later :) Also, I've put some stuff on my ebay (link in the side bar) everything starting at 99p! Examples below:

I LOVE uni! I'm so glad I choose to go to Leeds, the city is amazing, especially the nightlife :P and all my flatmates are awesome :D I live with 9 other people in a massive flat opposite Hyde Park. 
I love my course (Fashion Design) though it's so much work, my favourite lesson has to be Research Design and Developement, as it focuses on what I actually want to do, design. This semester we had to design our own collection for All Saints :) 

Our lovely kitchen.

 D2.1's Christmas Dinner which consisted of dodgy looking potatoes, uncooked cauliflower and 80% stuffing.

 Regular notes seen in D2.1, our cleaning and cooking rota, though it usually ends up being me that does all the cleaning. -_-' 

 I hope everyone's having an awesome December so far XD 


  1. omg you are so lucky this seems amazing :)

  2. I missed your post! Glad your back (: That dress is adorable and the photos look so much fun!

  3. your ebay stuff is gorgeous! glad you are enjoying uni love, ah i remember my freshers def the best year! gotta love fancy dress too:) xxxx

  4. oh hello! you look like you're having tonnes of fun at college and living on campus! i also love your new thrifted items, especially the stripey dress you wore with the clogs and also the chunky cardi!! <3