Wednesday, 15 December 2010

beautiful Jumble Sale Finds (with the help of charity shops, Primark and Topshop :p)

 Morning Sweetpeas :]
This is the post I promised to show you my latest purchases, firstly, this beauty:

I found it at a jumble sale recently, it's a genuine levis denim shearling jacket and so warm and comfy!!!! And only 20p, I'm in love.

Secoundly, this is what I used my £20 Topshop voucher on:

 It was £45, floraldungaree shorts, they are adorable! And a thick courdoroy(i can't spell, sorry) material to give it a kind of furry texture. :)

Thirdly, this felt patterned leotard which I fell in love with instantly at Primark, £8.

A plaid crop t shirt, calvin klein, 20p at the jumble sale. I plan to wear this alot in summer with high waisted levis shorts.

I got this jumper in the kids section of a charity shop, for only 50p as there was a tiny hole in the bottom, and sew this badge which I got from the market. I wore this on top of a polo t-shirt and my flatmate said, 'So, Kat, How was school today?' :P

 This is the ticket from the inside of some high waisted beige shorts I got for 20p at the jumble sale, isn't the ticket awesome?! It reminds me alot of American Apparel.

I have bought many more things but they are still in Leeds/or the wash :P this Christmas I have lots of things planned as I like to feel productive, hehe. These include:
Selling things on ebay
Baking-brownies, cookies, mince pies...
Making Christmas cards and drawings
Starting a 2011 scrapbook/journal
Sorting out my room
Running in the morning
Practising sewing


  1. GORGEOUS:)! so jealous of your complete bargains miss xx

  2. love the dungarees! you are always so lucky with charity shop finds too!

  3. goorgeous as ALWAAYS!

    merry christmas (:

    xx scarzz